You can’t have progress without education.

That was the clear message brought by keynote speaker Luke Goodwin, administrative director of Chicago Waldorf School, Thursday evening at Olivet Nazarene University’s Chalfant Hall during the Daily Journal’s fifth annual Progress Awards banquet.

Goodwin touched on the fact that today’s business leaders, as well as business leaders in the making, need to learn higher-order skills within their education.

“They need skills … collaboration, human leadership, conviction, courage, perseverance and grit,” said Goodwin. “We need human-based education. Technology should give new opportunities — not take them away.”

Goodwin continued, “We must be more human than the machine.”

In 1919, the first Waldorf School opened in Stuttgard, Germany and it was innovative by being co-ed, featuring grades K-12 and it was completely backed by businesses in the area.

Today, Waldorf has schools all over the world, including Chicago Waldorf School, which serves 400 students.

This year’s Progress Awards banquet had an attendance of 250 guests and honorees.

“I’m looking forward to meeting all of the wonderful leaders,” said Small Newspaper Group President and CEO and Daily Journal Editor and Publisher Rob Small prior to the event. “I’m terribly excited and proud of the tremendous turnout.”

“It’s a big crowd and everyone’s dressed up and having a good time,” said Tom Small, senior vice president of Small Newspaper Group.

“I’m looking forward to hearing the excitement of the winners, and the recognition that we’ll be giving the winners tonight,” said Small Newspaper Group Vice President of Finance Sally Hendron. “It’s a great community event and I’m proud to put our name on such an event that unites and elevates the community to its true and proper form.”

The Daily Journal presented 10 awards to individuals and groups who have proven themselves to be leaders in innovation.

Some of the evening’s highlights included:

  • Dr. Francesca Catalano, who was presented with the Innovator in Social Services Award for the Kankakee Community College Food Pantry. Through tears, she thanked those who helped her open a food pantry for students at Kankakee Community College in February. The shelves of the pantry are stocked with nonperishable goods and hygiene products. “I want to thank the community for embracing us so wholeheartedly,” said Catalano.
  • Brother and sister team Terrance Hooper and Amy Rauch, took home the Entrepreneur of the Year award. “We see the future of this [Kankakee] downtown,” said Hooper in a video dedication to the award. Terrance and Amy recently purchased The Majestic Theater. After he and Rauch took the stage to accept their award, Amy emotionally thanked her brother. “Four years ago, I was working in a flower shop where I wasn’t really happy,” said Amy. “Terrance asked if I wanted to open Grapes & Hops with him and then he wanted to know if I wanted to by this building [The Majestic Theater] with him! Every day, I wake up humble, because there’s no one else I’d rather be standing next to. My brother is my biggest fan.’’


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